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Who Got a Slice?

  • Codingal (Seed, $1.2 Million): Codingal offers students a platform to learn coding via community-led coding competitions and live 1-on-1 classes. The round was led by Y Combinator, Summer Capital, Day One Syndicate, and Rebright Partners. Prominent angel investors also participated in the round.
  • Habbit (Pre-Seed, $320K): Habbit is an experiential learning platform…

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Who Got a Slice?

  • Kalam Labs (Pre-Seed, Undisclosed): Kalam Labs is a live game streaming startup that focuses on K-12 Learning with a multiplayer ecosystem. The company raised a pre-seed round from Y Combinator, Lightspeed, and FirstCheque
  • Expertrons (Pre Series A, $2.3 Million): Expertrons is a library of career videobots of experts who have shared their experience of landing a dream career like a job, internship or…

Are Asia’s largest governments succeeding in regulating education?

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Factors in Choosing Your Next Course

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Who Got a Slice?

  • BlueLearn (Pre-Seed, $450K): Founded in 2021, BlueLearn is a peer-to-peer upskilling platform, along with webinars by industry experts. The company’s pre-seed round was led by Lightspeed with participation from 100X.VC , Titan Capital 2am VC and other angel investors.
  • Eruditus (Series E, $650 Million): Eruditus is an online executive education platform with 250 professional learning programmes developed in partnership…

Who Got a Slice?

  • Pedagogy (M&A, Undisclosed): Pedagogy offers online courses and interactive digital books for students preparing for competitive exams. It converts physical books into interactive content, including chapters, practice questions, mock tests, etc. Vedantu is set to acquire a majority stake in the Ahmedabad-based e-learning platform.
  • Simplilearn (M&A, $250 Million): Simplilearn company provides online training…

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What is an Alternative MBA?

Who Got a Slice?

  • PeakPerformer (Seed, Undisclosed): PeakPerformer is a tech-driven leadership development platform that helps companies upskill their leaders. Antler India led the round, with participation from Gaurav Munjal and Saket Agarwal.
    Executive Education has traditionally been delivered by global b-schools, which recently started coming on platforms such as Eruditus to build their online reach. The biggest…

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