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LoEstro Advisors
Advisory firm with sharp focus on Fundraise, M&A, and Strategic Consulting.


  • Ashwin Krishna

    Ashwin Krishna

    Head of Global Marketing at Capillary Technologies | Dreamer | SaaS Marketer | Branding | Enterprise Marketing | Part of #SaaSBooMi Team

  • Soumya Bairishal

    Soumya Bairishal

  • Rohan Patel

    Rohan Patel

    I am a non-tech founder and I write about stuff that would help you build your product & more importantly your business.

  • Govardhan Pinni

    Govardhan Pinni

    I write on — Capital Markets ¦ Consulting ¦ Life ¦ Observational Stories ¦ Travel ¦ Find everything I do at

  • Nishith


  • Pratik Dholani

    Pratik Dholani

  • sankepa7


    I write postcards!

  • Anand Ramaswami

    Anand Ramaswami

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